AWS ExecLeaders

Breaking barriers: How to lead and innovate in times of ambiguity + Gen AI
Lisbon Congress Centre, 1 Praça das Indústrias, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Oct 10 2023, 10:30
Oct 10 2023, 15:00

AWS ExecLeaders is an exclusive in-person event that focuses on breaking barriers and transforming businesses through cloud innovation, leadership, and talent. It will take place during the AWS Cloud Experience 2023 and will bring together business leaders and technology experts to discover how to break barriers in times of ambiguity.

Breaking Down Barriers: How to Lead and Innovate in Times of Ambiguity

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, leaders must possess the skills and mindset to navigate uncertainty and drive innovation. Our flagship session brings together industry experts and thought leaders who have successfully led their organizations through times of ambiguity. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for overcoming challenges, embracing change and fostering a culture of innovation within your own organization.

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