Transforming Customer Service with Generative AI

Take your CX to the next level
Peninsula, 700 5th Ave, New York
Oct 19 2023, 09:30
Oct 19 2023, 14:15

This executive roundtable will dive into how contact center leaders are leveraging the next wave of artificial intelligence (AI) to modernize their customer experiences.

In a survey of 1,000+ consumers, 75% said that they would switch to a competitor if they found out they were more convenient to do business with. How can you create seamless experiences to remove friction for your customers? Through the use of AI, AWS’ Amazon Connect customers are finding success transforming customer experiences through agent assistance, self-service, and conversational analytics capabilities.   During this session, you will have the chance to engage in peer-to-peer networking with other executives to gain a better understanding of how generative AI can help you streamline CX touchpoints for your customers.

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