Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Make sure that your company stands out from the crowd above your competition. At METCO Global, we are able to utilize a full marketing mix to ensure your strategy delivers.


Delivering customer and market knowledge

At METCO Global, we believe that companies generating and utilizing in-depth customer insight have a competitive advantage. They often offer more relevant products and services to customers and are better prepared for external changes. Achieve the same competitive advantage using our insight services.

We go beyond tracking headlines or published price lists, getting under the skin of competitors. This enables our clients to initiate driven Customer Incentive activities or build on existing capabilities.

Market Sizing and the allocation of resources between markets or within them (for example by vertical) often requires an objective analysis of the potential – i.e. the ‘size of the prize’. Our experienced team provides a robust analysis which integrates internal data (for example your sales metrics) with external information covering the market, giving you a greater understanding of potential and requirements.


Solving Marketing Challenges

Our strategy projects always start with a clear understanding of your customers, markets and competitors. We then use this detailed information to plan your acquisition, retention and go-to-market strategies.

At METCO, we believe that having an unrivalled understanding of where your acquisition opportunities lie is vital. Retention strategy is then centered around keeping those customers you worked hard to acquire. Having built a winning proposition, METCO Global can help you with the delivery and the internal sell-in of your new retention strategy.

A go-to-market strategy involves preparing the ground for a successful launch. We can help you launch your product or service with more alignment, clarity and energy, having done a timely sense check, using the right insights, tools and techniques.

Our services are scalable both upwards and downwards. We can gear up complex markets or de-tune for a quick turnaround must-have insight.


Interrogating data to enable precise business decisions

Analytics involves the interrogation of data in order to gain insight into the success of any action. At METCO, we take this information and communicate vital patterns and information, enabling you to maximize activities and transform marketing strategy.

Our dedicated team can assist you by answering the questions that resonate with the challenges you are facing. Through analytics information, we can deliver proposition refinement. Address business questions, with a clear insight and understanding of your market, competition and portfolio to ensure that you are delivering your target value proposition. We are able to delve deeper into business data to segment that data for your benefit, allowing you to group customers and measure their potential value.

We work with a range of clients who trust us. We don’t push any one particular methodology or fit all approach. Each business is individual and so is our approach.

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