METCO Global is a leader in B2B marketing and networking, specialising in C-Suite engagements for globally recognized brands.

Delegate Aquisition

Delegate Acquisition is a term not commonly used in the event industry, why? Only a few agencies globally specialize in Delegate Acquisition and METCO Global is a global dominator in this area. We are known across the globe to put key decision makers, VIPs and Government Officials in front of our clients, many companies wonder how we do this. METCO Global has a combined experience of over 30 years in the event industry and we have mastered what works and what doesn’t work, when it comes to putting key requested attendees in front of our clients.

METCO Global has a full strategic process in Delegate Acquisition and this process is tailored and tweaked with every event we execute depending on our client’s needs and requirements.

The general delegate dropout rate in Middle East & Africa is 50% vs. registrations however, METCO Global has an attendance rate of 92% across all its events. Our aim is to always under promise and over deliver, we will always book more delegates than our committed number to cater for any last-minute cancelations this way there are no surprises on the big day.

Bespoke Roundtables

Develop relationships with key decision makers from around the globe. Through intimate roundtable events, we offer you the ideal platform to network with your perfect target audience.


A completely bespoke event, tailored to meet achieve your goals, where you have the opportunity to educate attendees on your product and services.

VIP Events

Stepping away from the networking norm. METCO VIP Events create the optimum environment for building relationships with a niche group of hand selected attendees.

Event Management

The only complete A-Z events managers you will ever need. We handle all aspects of your event, ensuring every aspect is delivered to the finest detail.


Virtual Events

VirtualCXO allows the world’s leading business executives to come together to address their specific business challenges. Our virtual roundtables will give you knowledge, industry trends and ultimately competitive advantage over the competition.

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