Events can be a useful tool to build effective relationships with industry professionals that add value to a business. Being in an environment where you are face to face with industry leaders is the perfect opportunity to network and build connections. However, it can often be the case that the contacts you want to meet with either didn’t attend or are in high demand, therefore you can’t get any time with them. For example, if a function has been organised with multiple sponsors, often attendees want to talk on in particular over another. This leaves certain sponsors with less engagement and in turn far less return on investment. With this type of result being commonplace for businesses, many are choosing to utilise more custom events.

A custom event, like those METCO Global deliver, offers businesses a much more focused platform to build relationships on. By opting for a more custom networking event where there is a sole sponsor, every delegate that attends will already be engaged and interested what that one sponsor has to offer. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to build memorable business relationships and market your business in a very effective way.

Part of the challenge with marketing a product or service is having your efforts seen and engaged with by the right target group. If marketing is successful and engaged with, will it make an impression? A custom event is the ultimate marketing tool to make a memorable impression that can develop effective relationships. What better way to promote your business, than face to face with your target markets industry leaders? By these delegates choosing to attend an event, they have made the decision that it is worth their time and are therefore interested in what is on offer. Therefore, opening up the ideal environment for building relationships with these industry leaders. In comparison to an event where you are against multiple other sponsors all wanting to speak to the same people, it is worlds apart. At METCO Global, we specialise in delivering customer events that offer companies the opportunity to extend their reach globally. With an attendance rate of 92% from registration to attendance from client’s ideal delegates, we deliver more than just a custom event. We create an opportunity to build business relationships that may not have been possible without us, supporting the growth of global industry leaders.

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