If you think that you are able to develop and grow a business without communication, the organisation is not likely to go far or reach its full potential. Whether that is from an internal function or from a business development perspective. Communication is an underlying necessity.

If you consider the structure of any business, the inner operations are dependent on successful communication between departments. Without this, it could not function. Delving deeper, inefficient communication can also be a detriment; longer turnaround times due to overcomplicated processes, confusion from mixed messages causing delays and inconsistent performance from staff due to lack of understanding. All of these points result in an organisation that will not be performing to its full potential. Furthermore, having an atmosphere of uncertainty or frustration within a team can run the risk of an unmotivated, underperforming workforce. If you have found a highly motivated individual to join your team, the likelihood is that they will not work well in this environment and ultimately leave. Therefore, you could be left with the additional problem of high staff turnover and the inability to keep the high performers you need.

Compare this to a situation in which you have good communication across the board. You may find yourself less tied up in lengthy email trails with excessive recipients. Instead, matters are concluded quickly and easily as everyone has full visibility and understanding. Teams will be able to efficiently manage workloads by having full visibility to plan accordingly. With this motivated environment, you will see team members develop and thrive, becoming an asset to the company. Clear communication channels encourage any issues to be discussed and resolved, mitigating them becoming a larger problem. As a business, you then have the ideal set up to develop to your potential.

The importance of good communication methodology needs to be considered from a client and customer facing perspective as well as an internal one. When working for or running a business, you automatically become a brand ambassador for that commercial entity. Therefore, the way you present yourself is an indicator of what you are like to work with. If you are not meeting the expectations of a potential new customer or client, they are unlikely to want to pay for your product or services. By not communicating properly and effectively, growing your business will be more of a challenge. In most cases, there will be limited opportunities to impress in the hope of converting them into a customer. Leave a bad impression and you will not only be tarnishing your own professional reputation but the brand as well. A strong level of communication with clients and customers gives an understanding of the process leading to delivery and therefore manages expectation. If you are able to ensure this communication channel remains open, the likely outcome will be a satisfied customer who trusts your business. For any business to be successful, customers and clients need to not only trust the service or product being delivered, but the company as a whole.

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